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Hackme CTF

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What is this?

This is a platform for CTF beginner! Enjoy your CTF :)

If you have any problem about challenages, just contact me and don't be shy. :D


  1. Do NOT attack infrastructure, it's not the part of challenges
  2. Do NOT use scanner, it won't help. really.
  3. Do NOT use plain HTTP connection (We are behind a stupid IPS/IDS, please use HTTPS)
  4. Do NOT share flag, it's boring.
  5. Feel free to ask any question or ask for tips about challenges
  6. We don't have admin panel on this host, we're using MySQL connection over SSH tunnel


Q: Where's the challenges?

A: Go to scoreboard and input a random username. We don't have a username/password login system.

Q: Can I share write-up?

A: Yes, you can public your write-up if you want! But don't share flag directly.

Q: Telegram is not available in my country!

A: Contact via email: base64.decode("aW5uZHkudHcgW2F0XSBnbWFpbC5jb20K")

Q: I have no idea how to solve (pwn|web|reversing|crypto) challenge

A: Google is your friend! And most of challenge have tips for you :D


Contact Us

I've spent some money on D-RAM and SSD (due to disk failure) for this host. If you want to help us (by donation or anything), please contact via email.

Email: base64.decode("aW5uZHkudHcgW2F0XSBnbWFpbC5jb20K")

Special Thanks



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